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Further details of pieces below.

Antony Clare - Dun Caan (2018)

Bass Clarinet and Bassoon Course Participants, Sarah Watts (bass clarinet), Anthea Wood (bassoon), Antony Clare (organ)

Performed on 13th April 2018

Community Hall, Isle of Raasay

Dun Caan is the highest point on Raasay - an ancient volcanic plug



Antony Clare - Sybil (2017)

Solo bass clarinet

Sarah Watts (bass clarinet)

"The Sybil, with frenzied mouth uttering things not to be laughed at, unadorned and unperfumed, yet reaches to an thousand years with her voice.........."

Heraclitus, 5th Century BC


Antony Clare - Thor (2016)

University of Nottingham Wind Orchestra

Directed by Kieran O’Riordan

Performed on 20th March 2016

Great Hall, University of Nottingham

Thor was originally written for bass clarinets and drums

This is a subsequent incarnation for full wind orchestra

Hang onto your helmets!


Antony Clare - A Little Fungal Suite (2016)

Sarah Watts (bass clarinet), Antony Clare (piano)

Performed on 28th October 2017

St Andrew’s Church, Psalter Lane, Sheffield

The four movements are all named after fungi:

Fly Agaric

Destroying Angel

Golden Chanterelle

Snowbed Bell


Elliot Carter – Retrouvailles (2000)

Antony Clare (piano)

Recorded in 2011 in the Djanogly Recital Hall, University of Nottingham



Francis Poulenc – Elégie (1957)

Robert Parker (horn), Antony Clare (piano)

Recorded 8th September 2015 by Spencer Cozens


Greg Caffrey – Blunt Instrument (2009)

Sarah Watts (bass clarinet), Antony Clare (piano)

Recorded 4th February 2016, Belfast

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