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"I have been one of Antony’s piano students for many years, starting after two of my daughters finished their lessons with Antony as late teenagers. Antony taught me from scratch and with my learning an instrument at an advanced age being a slow process Antony has shown unfailing patience and commitment to my development as a pianist.
I chose not to take exams and have never been under any pressure to do this.
Antony recommends pieces from a wide range of musical styles to suit my level of ability, extending from the renaissance to jazz. I have also welcomed the opportunity to learn more about the music I am studying through discussion of the construction of compositions or the history of music.
Recently our lessons have been carried out using Zoom video and emailed lesson notes from Antony and these have been an excellent substitute for the normal teaching experience."
- Gill

"Antony lets you help choose what pieces you’d like to learn and also lets you learn a variety of different pieces to keep the learning enjoyable."
- Natalie (age 12)

"I like that Antony helps me get better and gives me ideas for how to improve."
- Toby (age 9)

"I like all the different activities and games Antony does in the lesson to make it fun."
- Evie (age 9)

"Antony is an excellent pianist and teacher. He understands each child and tailors the lessons to suit them as individuals. He inspires and motivates them and makes learning fun."
- Jenny (parent)

I’ve had Antony Clare as my clarinet teacher for 3 years, and I’ve loved every lesson. He’s helped me grow not just in technical skill but my confidence as well, and he’s really helped me to love playing and look forward to lessons. Antony’s helped me pass my grade 4 and 5, and has also taught me grade 5 music theory. I’ve had so much support for both types of exams, and for theory especially he has explained clearly and thoroughly any aspects I have found difficult. Antony is a great clarinet teacher, and I’ve loved being taught by him, I’ve especially enjoyed duets with both two clarinets and clarinet and piano.
- Florence (clarinet student)

I am glad to be Antony's student in master's degree study, for the new semester I constantly want to try new challenges and new repertoires, and Antony always has patience and gives me useful advice that I can clearly follow the practice logic and keep the high effectiveness. During this year, Antony gave me great confidence, and I think this is the foundation of students' learning motivation. Besides, I was amazed at the skills and interesting harmony in contemporary repertoire, which benefited from Antony's proper advice and encouragement. Even the course was suspended due to the Covid-19 situation during the master degree, Antony did his best to keep the students learning process by online video course and keep communication at all times, If I stay in the UK after graduation, I would like to have the further piano lessons from Antony and breakthrough myself.

 - Hang (MA in Performance piano student at Sheffield University)

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