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​Sarah Watts – bass clarinet/contrabass clarinet

Antony Clare – piano

Sarah on chair.JPG

SCAW was formed in 2003 with the aim of promoting the repertoire for bass clarinet and piano in the UK and abroad whilst also attracting composers to write new works for the combination.  SCAW have performed extensively around the UK including at the York Spring Festival, Edinburgh Napier University, Edinburgh University, Reading University, Salford University, Cheltenham Contemporary Concerts and a tour of both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.  SCAW also performed as guest artists at the World Bass Clarinet Convention in Rotterdam.  SCAW have had many new works written for them and have premiered works by composers including Sir Harrison Birtwistle, Dai Fujikura, Piers Hellawell, Iain Matheson, Elizabeth Winters and Dave Bennett Thomas.
In 2009, SCAW released their debut CD of recital music for bass clarinet and piano. SCAWFELL includes the Premiere recording of the bass clarinet version of Arvo Pärt’s Spiegel im Spiegel, Sonata on Welsh Folk Songs by Wolfgang Gabriel, Ballade by Eugene Bozza and Urban Myths by Joe Cutler. SCAWFELL is released on the Clarinet Classics label.  SCAW’s latest CD, “Timeless Shades” is a recording of British bass clarinet music which was released in Spring 2013 on the Cuillin Sound label featuring premiere recordings of works by Piers Hellawell, Graham Fitkin, George Nicholson, Elizabeth Winters, Iain Matheson, Marc Yeats, Thomas Simaku, Stephen Davismoon and Antony Clare.  “Darkness Visible” by George Nicholson was subsequently a nominated piece in the solo/duo category at the 2014 British Composer Awards. 
SCAW also host a solo bass clarinet and bassoon course on the Isle of Raasay.
The next course will be in 2024.

Sarah Watts has now acquired a contra-bass clarinet and SCAW are actively developing repertoire for this amazing instrument!  Check out “Into the Depths” – music for contrabass clarinet – featuring works for contrabass and piano by Elizabeth Kelly and Antony Clare.  This was released in 2020 on the Cuillin Sound label (CUILL1006).

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